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Decorative Textured Glass

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Decorative textured glass is a patterned glass in construction and displays a particular pattern or design on the surface.  It has many objectives, the main ones being added security (as you can’t see through it), uniqueness in design to allow for different thicknesses and type of colours which can be used for a customised look and feel for the customer.

Some of the main features are:

  • The designs provide different degrees of obscured viewing for privacy
  • A wide range of designs and finishes, so you can customise to your desires
  • Available with wired glass making it compliant for glazing resistantance in case of a fire
  • Available in toughened and laminated forms for safety and security considerations

Comes in different categories for you to research, before making an informed decision on purchasing to include:

  • Decorative Bevel-style Glazing
  • Decorative Georgian-style Glazing
  • Decorative Leaded-style Glazing
  • Decorative Stained-style Glazing
  • Decorative Textured-style Glazing

These designs are not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are interested in using this style for the glazing products let Upperglass know, we will put you in the frame!

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